India Debate Society

Indian American Platform for Debating Issues Related to India

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General Rules and Debate Format

Unless otherwise mentioned all our debates will use following format and rules.

Debate format

  • Organizers select a topic and share it with the community via website, email and other ways.
  • Debaters sign up for a debate in support or against the argument of the topic.
  • Moderator introduces the judge panel and debaters.
  • Debater gets to present his point of view for 6 minutes. Debater can use speech and/or digital slide deck presentation for making his point of view.
  • Panel of judges will vote on debater’s presentation (from 1 to 10, 10 being high score).
  • Rewards will be given to top scorers as well as participants.
  • Audience gets to ask questions after the debater’s presentation.
  • Audiences gets to share their point of views during Group Discussion sessions.


  • All debates are in English. Note: We might support debates in other languages in future sessions.
  • Incendiary, disrespectful and personal attacks are discouraged. Moderator might ask the debater to pause in case of infractions.
  • Audience attendees are discouraged from interrupting the debaters during the debate. However, audience attendees can ask questions or share their point of views during discussion session.
  • Attendees are requested to arrive on time.
  • Moderator will have the right to pause any debate or audience questions at any time.